Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cool Tips for New Bloggers

tips for bloggers New Bloggers in 2011 have got their job cut out for them! The Internet is a crazy place and there are people out there saying crazy things. How do you know who to believe? All the scams, schemes, and push button software that have promised to make you a millionaire.
Luckily most people are now coming to the conclusion that the only true way to make money blogging is through hard work and dedication.
Here are some important tips that I have gathered on my journey.

Tips for New Bloggers

Limit your learning

New Webmasters often get caught up in learning how to build websites and how to make money blogging. The best learning experience that I can recommend to you is to get in there and do it! Do not try learning how to blog in theory when you can simply start a blog or a website today!
The first thing I would do is create a free blog and write about my learning experiences for the day.
Do not buy Internet marketing course after IM course. If you failed at the first course then go back and finish it.

Scrap that attitude

If you want to be successful at blogging you will need to get rid of a few built-in attitudes that might be hindering your performance.
  • I will do it tomorrow
  • I don’t know how to do it
  • I am not smart like you
  • I do not have time
  • I have a degree, I am better than you
  • I am an expert on every subject
  • No one is making money online
A bloggers attitude is sharing, caring, networking, and cool. Be that person.
Ex blogger

Create a schedule

Working on a computer on the Internet can be very distracting as there are e-mails coming in, comments to answer, and interesting articles posted every second. These distractions can delay your success and productivity time by possibly years. This is why I recommend that you create a timetable or schedule when participating in this business.
I have a timetable for each day. It starts with opening emails and answering comments and moves on to other particular tasks. If I have committed my self to working I need to accomplish my set tasks for the day.

Use a paid WordPress theme

You can build a website on practically zero dollars but buying a paid WordPress theme is something that I do recommend for new bloggers. The reason I say this is because you can get free support with your purchase.
It can be hard choosing the best WordPress theme for your website but if your theme comes with backup support this will save you hours of frustration. Most new bloggers can spend weeks and weeks customizing their blog theme. However if you purchase a WordPress theme you can simply go and ask a question in their forum and they will help you.
I have experience in HTML, PHP, and CSS, but why would I rack my brain when I can get the solution to any problem using my WordPress theme support.

Do not wait for the traffic

Website traffic does not simply appear on your blog. You have to get out there and work very hard to get website traffic. I could narrow the two main traffic sources down:
  1. Hard slog promotions to get traffic
  2. Search engine optimization to get traffic
The both these ways a great, but in essence, you will need both to succeed. For example when you have a new blog you will need to go build back links to your content via guest posting, article marketing, commenting, forums, and so on.
Some back linking brings traffic, but most back linking does count the search engine optimization. Therefore while you were generating traffic, you are also performing search engine optimization.

Never stop promoting

There will come a time when you have done so much promotion; you will see traffic coming for free from the search engines. People see this as a sign to relax, however you need to keep going and build the momentum. You need to keep the ball rolling when your website is in the growing stages.

Do not neglect SEO

Webmasters often get onto a new promotion method and run with it. This could be guest posting or article submission, which all eventually leads to search engine optimization. However you need to finish the job, by performing onpage search engine optimization at your website.
A simple explanation of Onpage SEO is:
  1. Target a keyword for each page or post
  2. Make a list of related keywords (LSI keywords)
  3. Find some good longtail keywords
  4. Create a killer title using your main keyword
  5. Use the keyword and LSI keywords in the tags, description
  6. Use the main keyword in the first and last line of your article
  7. Use H1,H2,H3 tags using the keyword and some LSI mixed in
  8. Have the main keyword density around 2% (some say more)
  9. Use LSI keywords throughout the article
  10. Add longtail phrases scattered in only in appropriate places
If you follow all of these instructions above, I guarantee that you will have a post that is full of information and really covers your subject. This will also make your posts longer an easy to read.
seo - tips for new bloggers

Never pretend

Never pretend that you are successful and making money when you in fact are not! Don’t be a know it all when you actually know nothing at all.
How will you ever become successful if you are already pretending to be successful?
New bloggers have 100% more to learn, 100% more distractions, but still have a 100% chance to succeed. It’s all up to YOU!


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