Friday, December 23, 2011

Nokia Belle coming soon

Nokia Belle

GLOBAL -  The all new Nokia Belle (previously Symbian Belle) user interface will soon be available for download to some existing smartphones and begin shipping with a selection of smartphones that are already on the market. Launched earlier this year with Nokia 701, Nokia 700 and Nokia 603 smartphones, the UI has received lots of positive feedback from our customers.
The enhanced versions of Nokia N8, Nokia C7 and Nokia C6-01 have now started their journey from the factories to the shops with Nokia Belle preinstalled, arriving first in China, then around the world.
For those already owning a Nokia N8, Nokia E7, Nokia E6, Nokia X7, Nokia C6-01, Nokia C7, and Nokia Oro, the wait for Nokia Belle is almost over. Starting in February 2012, Nokia will release the all new Nokia Belle software update to existing customers and you’ll be able to download it right on to your phone, bringing a whole heap of improved features.

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Nokia Belle brings you more home screens, expanding the current three home screens you get with Nokia Anna to six. That’s more screen real estate to host your apps and widgets.
The home screen widgets have been improved and made more functional than before. Plus some of them, such as the email widget, give now much more information making reading emails much easier at a glance.
For more details on Nokia Belle, we’ve got all the facts, features and pictures in a previous post. And some answers to your questions about this post.
Are you ready to make your current phone anew?


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