Monday, December 5, 2011

Unbelievable Boundary Between Countries

Baarle Municipality    Belgium - Netherlands

Pakistani Side

                                                                    Indian Side     

American MexicanBoundary

America Right Mexico left

.Mexico right America Left


 Ekaterinburg City Russia  boundary Between Asia And Europe

Europe Right  Asia Left

The Husband in Europe And The wife In Asia

The Four Corners : Four American cities In one point

The Four Corners
(Colorado , New Mexico , Arizona , Utah)

The four Cities

Spanish Portugese Boundary

A Rock Between England And Scottland


Borders between the two Korea

Northern Korea Right  Southern Korea Left

Boundary Between Honduras And El Salvador

France And Italy


Anonymous said...

Four American states.. Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona are all states.. it would be strange to have an area comparable to an average country called a city. But an understandable because America is one of the few places that use the term state to mean anything other than a nation as a whole.

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