Thursday, January 26, 2012

Madonna Up Close And Personal At The NY Screening Of ‘W.E.’

Last night, in the pouring New York rain, I headed uptown to the Ziegfeld Theater on 54th Street for the screening of Madonna’s directorial debut, W.E. My gorgeous friend, Zoe, and I waited in line on the red carpet and got shivers as Madonna approached us, up close and personal… her stunning dress, her charisma, old Hollywood glamor, Madonna the icon is as magnificent as ever. There are few stars in her class.

As Trent reported earlier today, this is Madonna’s first go at directing, and in her welcome speech before the filming of W.E, and in her candid comments to the press, she is humble and honored to have had the opportunity.
“I’m a storyteller, it’s what I do.. most people know me as a singer, not a director, but both are telling a’s how we get through it..”
Few would have thought that Madonna would direct a film, but she is clearly one talented lady with many talents. Madge admitted that she is exhausted “from working my ass off for the Super Bowl” and that she “cries when I’m tired.” She was emotional when she spoke to the audience, and the grand theater fell silent as she graced the stage. You just realize, being in a room with her, how absolutely idolized and revered she is.
The film itself we cant review just yet, but we will… as soon as we can, promise! Madonna did have something to say about the story though…
“This is a story about history, a king’s abdication, but really it is about love, what we are willing to sacrifice for love, what we are willing to compromise, and having the courage to know when it is not love and to walk away.”
Those were Madonna’s words, and she spoke with conviction.
Even though she was clearly the star of the night (in a dramatic Marchesa dress with voluminous tulle sleeves down to her fingertips, an embroidered bodice and train!) her actors shone as well. The beautiful Andrea Risebourough made a grand entrance in a magnificent black and tulle dress, almost a smaller version of Madonna’s look. James D’Arcy and Oscar Isaac were extremely handsome too. All in all, a very gorgeous and talented cast. Abbie Cornish didn’t make it last night, but all else were there.
What an honor to be there! Check out the pics from the night and a short snapshot of a candid VIDEO we took of Madge speaking to the press (lots of different media outlets were crowding around here, but my hand is up there with my handy iPhone)… she speaks about what fashion advice her daughter has ever given her and what the message of the film is…listen out for a quiet comment about this not being the last film she will direct. Oooh that is exciting!


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