Saturday, February 25, 2012

Brad Pitt NEW Movies 2012

Brad Pitt Latest Films: Cogan's Trade | World War Z

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Until now, Brad pitt has played more than 50 films since 1987. This is a fantastic achievement for an actor with an average of two films each year. in 2012, Brad pitt is back with his latest film titled Cogan's Trade and World War Z. Both adaptation of the bestselling novel. everyone is looking forward to watching both of his films.

William Bradley Pitt was born in Oklahoma on December 18, 1963. His father name's William Alvin Pitt and his mother name's Jane Etta in Shawnee. After the divorce with actress Jennifer Aniston, whom he married on July 29, 2000, Brad pitt enamored with co-star in the film Mr. And Mrs. Smith is Angelina Jolie. They are married in 2005. Pitt-Jolie became the hottest couple in hollywood and the news is always awaited by everyone.
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1. Cogan's Trade

Brad Pitt's New Movies 2012 : Cogan's Trade


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Cogan's Trade is a film adaptation of a novel by George V. Higgins, starring Brad Pitt as Jackie Cogan, a mob enforcer are investigating a theft that occurred during the high stakes game that is under the protection of the masses.

Brad Pitt's Trade produce Cogan, who reportedly will be shot in New Orleans this year. Not a ton of other details about the plot is online, but based on the book by George Higgins, so if you want to know the whole story before seeing this film, you can read it.

2. World War Z

Brad Pitt's New movies 2012 : World War Z

WORLD WAR Z - Official Trailer [HD]

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World War Z is a zombie film made by Max Brooks novel story with the same title, which follows the previous novel 'The Zombie Survival Guide'.

The Movie 'World War Z' is a zombie story post, about Zombie survival outbreak. Ten years after the human victory over the world wide Zombie epidemic, referred to as World War Z, Max Brooks scours the world collecting the stories and experiences of those who survived the conflict that almost eradicated humans.


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