Monday, February 6, 2012

Lindsay Lohan poses for Terry Richardson yet again: busted, trashy & cheap?

Lindsay Lohan shouldn’t even be referred to as an “actress” at this point. So let’s stop with describing her as “Mean Girls star” or “the Herbie: Fully Loaded actress.” Let’s just call her what she is now, and what she has been for the past six years: a sketchy, busted Marilyn Monroe impersonator, an addict, a sometimes pr0n “model” and a cracked-out legal catastrophe.
So the Cracken did yet another photo shoot with Terry Richardson, this time for Love Magazine. Lindsay didn’t even make the cover – she’s just hanging out in her panties inside the magazine. Other outlets are saying that she’s trying for a Marilyn Monroe look, but I don’t even see it. Are we just saying a girl looks like Marilyn when she does red lips and blonde curls? So while I’ll give LL a pass on the “Marilyn” thing for this particular photo shoot, I’m not saying that she even looks “good”. She doesn’t. Her eyes look druggy and her lips are crazy and she really needs to let go of this white-blonde thing. It just looks awful on her. The whole vibe of the shoot is just so busted too – it’s like LL was photographed in between setups for the latest pr0n movie she’s filming in the Valley.
Here’s a question: why do magazines keep arranging photo shoots with her? I mean, they get free publicity because any new photo shoot with the Cracken will get press. But doesn’t Lohan’s presence within a magazine downgrade whatever credibility the magazine has?

Photos courtesy of Terry Richardson/Love Magazine.


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