Monday, February 13, 2012

Megan Fox Tattos And Meanings

 Megan Fox  likes to show her creative side on her skin with personal messages and images that hold meaning to her. Here is a collection of her tattoos to study and possibly inspire.


On the back of her neck just below the hairline Megan has a black ink tattoo of the Chinese symbol of strength in calligraphy. It's a simple tattoo with a strong meaning.

Here's what the tattoo would look like:

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Little Girls With Broken Hearts

Megan Fox is obviously a fan of stringing words together with her own personal meaning.

Like the large Old English text on her left rib cage.

Here's a look-see at the tattoo:



Megan Fox had a long term on again off again relationship with actor Brian Austin Green (Terminator, The Sarah Conner Chronicles) that lasted six years before she married him in the summer of 2010. She has a script tattoo of his first name between her pubic bone and right hip.

Here's a look-see at the tattoo:

Marilyn Monroe

From One Goddess to Another

Megan Fox is an obvious fan of Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe. She has a popular image of Marilyn tattooed on her inner right forearm.

Here's a look-see at the tattoo:

As of April many sources are saying that Megan Fox is likely getting the famous icon lasered off as the image has been drastically fading but this has not been confirmed or denied by Fox's "people".

Yin and Yang

On the inside of Megan's left wrist is a tribal tattoo of two waves entwined like a yin and yang symbol. This tattoo has a bit of color but looks like black ink from a distance.

Here's a look-see at the tattoo:


Moon & Star

On the inner aspect of her lower leg above her right ankle, Megan Fox has a crescent moon overlapping a five pointed star. It is the one visibly colored tattoo that she has.

Here's a look-see at the tattoo:


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