Saturday, February 25, 2012

Most Ridiculous Celebrity Tweets This Week

Twitter has given celebrities a license to unleash whatever pops into their heads upon the entire world. Many times, these off-the-cuff thoughts are self-serving or even mundane, but on some special occasions we get tweets that are hilarious, insane, or just downright ridiculous. Let's take a look at some celebrity tweets that made us go, "Say what?"

If you think Oprah was above shamelessly exploiting Whitney Houston's death to boost ratings, you are sorely mistaken:

Why do attention starved reality TV personalities tweet compliments to themselves? So crazy!:

Have we become so cynical that even Seacrest's good deeds come off as bragging?:

So let's get this straight, Elisabeth Hasselbeck condemns Michael Vick for dogfighting but defends Chris Brown, a guy who pummeled his girlfriend's face in... interesting:

Statements like this are the reason men hate what Sex & the City did to an entire generation of women:

Aww, we don't know what's up with Jose, but it seem like rough times for the steroid enthusiast:

If I see one more celebrity pull off the complain-brag, I'm gonna lose my shit:

Wait. Bruno Mars was so poor he used to make spaghetti by replacing one kind of noodle for another kind of noodle? Doesn't exactly sound like that dramatic of a shift:

The Kardashian clan better watch their backs. It looks like Kim just realized how to keep all the money for herself:


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oprah is going crazy

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