Friday, February 17, 2012

Rihanna And Chris Brown Are Making A New Song

In case you missed it, we now know that Chris Brown was for sure at Rihanna's pre-birthday party the other night — because he asked workers and some guests to sign confidentiality agreements.
 What's more: Chris Brown is singing and rapping a new Rihanna track, "Birthday Cake." No matter how good this song is, it's going to make our stomach hurt, we can just tell.

 Hip-hop insider Miss Info says: "Clearly Rihanna and Chris have been getting closer and working together for a little while now. You don't record a song, shoot a video, and decide to show up together at a party over night…What about Rihanna's mentors who have made it very clear that they aren't letting Chris live that 2009 assault down? What were the conversations like to greenlight recording and video production?"


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