Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Celebitchy: Kate Winslet promotes Titanic 3D in Italy

Kate Winslet looked like she was having an awesome time on Italian TV show the “Chiambretti Wednesday Show.” She joked around with the little orange and blue host, and even had the guy sit on her lap at one point. Kate is promoting the 3D re-release of Titanic, which I honestly assumed was out and gone already. (I was
hoping, I think.) It’s coming out on April 4, though. I remember exactly when I saw Titanic in the theater in 1997, and I remember the tween girls talking excitedly around me when then-hot Leonardo DiCaprio was on screen. I’m not sure I’ll see it again in 3D, sometimes 3D films give me a headache and I would rather watch 2D movies for cheaper. If a friend wants to go with me I might though. Will you see it?

So this begs the other question that often comes to mind about Kate – what has she had done plastic surgery and injectable-wise, if anything? If you would have asked me what year it was that Kate Winslet spoke out against plastic surgery and I didn’t look it up I would have said “2009″ and made a joke about how she’s obviously changed her stance on it. I looked it up, and Kate spoke out against plastic surgery in August, 2011, just eight months ago.

A lot of you firmly believe that Kate is all natural, and she could be. Her skin looks radiant and her eyes look somewhat different to me, like wider or something. She does have natural lines but there’s something different about her lately. Maybe it’s just because she’s so pretty and her face has thinned out.

I’ve been looking into “non-invasive” procedures that don’t involve Botox or fillers. One of the things that interests me is laser skin resurfacing, which can supposedly significantly reduce lines, make eyes wider-looking and make your face look much younger overall without looking noticeably “worked on.” (Yesterday I was looking up costs and watching YouTube videos of it. It looks painful, and I’m chickensh*t about that, but it might be worth it.) There are also chemical peels, which could achieve similar results from what I understand. (Remember how Kate was looking much more “refreshed” last year?) So I’m wondering, is this why Kate Winslet looks slightly different but still natural, and could I benefit from this too? (Strokes chin and squints thoughtfully.) I would have said the same thing about Sandra Bullock a few months ago too, (basically get me what she’s having in the same amounts) but fast forward to now and she’s just gone too far, poor lady.

Here’s the trailer for Titanic 3D


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