Saturday, March 3, 2012

Learn How To Jailbreak An IPhone

We'll focus on the iPhone 4 here, as the warranty will have expired on most handsets. Theprocess is largely the same for other models (including iPod touches and iPad), so the principles still apply.
Before you start, back up your device in iTunes or iCloud. To force a backup in iTunes, right-click on your device in the list on the left and click Back Up.

It's also important to understand the difference between tethered and untethered jailbreaks. The former is something you don't want, as you'll need to connect your phone to a computer in order to reboot it. An untethered jailbreak means you can reboot the phone without consequence: everything will still work afterwards.

Also bear in mind that you must not update your iPhone's software when Apple releases an update. If you do so, it will overwrite the jailbreak and delete all the custom apps you've installed and settings you've made.
The following instructions work for devices running firmware 5.0.1. There is already an updated version of Redsn0w available for 5.1, but this is tethered, so you'll probably want to wait for an untethered version. If you want to jailbreak an Apple A5-powered device such as the iPhone 4S or iPad 2, you'll need Absinthe rather than Redsn0w.

We'll be using Redsn0w as it has always worked flawlessly for us, but there are a variety of other tools available. Download Redsn0w for Windows. Extract the files to a folder and then right-click on the Redsn0w application and choose Run as administrator. When the application launches, click the Jailbreak button.


Connect your iPhone (4 or 3GS) or fourth-generation iPod touch to your computer and power it off by holding the power button until the slider appears. Wait until the phone has completely shut down before proceeding. Redsn0w looks for your device in DFU recovery mode. This is how to enter it:
  1. 1.    Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds
  2. 2.    Continue to hold the power button and press and hold the Home button for 10 seconds. The Apple logo should disappear during this step.
  3. 3.    Release the power button and continue to hold the Home button until your device is in recovery mode. Your computer might detect new hardware or iTunes might launch and warn you that it has found a device in DFU mode.

If you don't manage to press the buttons at the right times, don't worry: just close Redsn0w and start again. If your iPhone or iPod locks up, press and hold the power and home buttons simultaneously until it restarts.
Installing Jailbreak

Once in DFU mode Redsn0w will interrogate your device and ensure it's compatible. When complete, you will be presented with some options. Tick the box to install Cydia and click Next. The jailbreaking process is automatic, and you'll see commands scrolling down your device's screen and a pineapple logo - this is all normal. When your phone finally restarts, unlock it and check that the Cydia app is there: this is the only outward sign that your device is jailbroken.
Cydia app


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