Monday, March 26, 2012

Republic Of Molossia , The smallest Country In The World

What makes a territory a republic? Is it a currency, laws or a fearless leader in a snappy uniform? International recognition doesn't hurt anything either, but the first qualities seem a little more attainable for the average micro-nation, and Kevin Baugh and Molossia have all three. Born in 1963, Baugh and a friend were only teenagers when they dreamed up the idea to create their own micro-nation, separate from the United States and governed by their authority.

 Through the early 1990s, the territory was known as the Grand Republic of Vuldstein, but in 1999, the new republic of Molossia was formed with Baugh at the helm as President. With only an acre of territory in arid Nevada, the entire country is comprised of a small home known as the Government House, where Baugh lives with his family and dogs.

 Although the country has claimed other swaths of land, including 50,000 acres on Venus, the land in Nevada is where the government is centered. Fully outside of the United States jurisdiction, Molossia does not pay taxes, and has its own currency that is printed on poker chips.

 Currency is valued against raw cookie dough, which is popular and used for commerce inside the nation. Baugh is the clear leader and has power to exercise all decisions in the country.

 Although it must be pre-arranged, he gives tours wearing his Molossia uniform, complete with medals and a sash. A tour will cost outsiders their pocket change, and you must have a valid passport, that will be stamped, to enter the small republic. Aside from the occasional tour, Molossia has little to do with the America, claiming to be an independent entity surrounded by the larger USA. While some visitors are accepted, all citizens are in Baugh's family, and applications for citizenship are not accepted by the President.




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