Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Samantha Brick Wikipedia

Name      :  Samantha Brick 
Age         :  40 years 
Profession:   Journalist 

 Samantha Brick  juggles life as a freelance TV consultant, journalist, writer, yogi and, of course, French housewife (still very much in training alas).

Birmingham-born, yet having lived in crazy ole London for 18 years, as well as resided and worked extensively in Los Angeles and New York, Samantha now lives in tranquillity in South-West France in a chocolate box perfect home in the countryside. Nope there isn’t a desirable clothing shop in sight either. She lives happily with her French husband artisan carpenter Pascal, teenage step-son Antonio and yes – it’s a French-speaking household.

Samantha blissfully co-exists with a variety of much-loved animals- the elderly, the rescued, brand spanking new puppies and simply the very cute podgy woofers. She would say how many – but they seem to increase in number at the moment….


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