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The Best 'Celebrities Couples in Action' of 2011

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Who are the most charitable Celeb Couples of 2011? Funny you should ask because we actually designed an extremely scientific scorecard -- it's like NASA, y'all -- to determine which famous lovebirds will have the best karma going into 2012!

Will Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez steal the stage from Katy Perry and Russell Brand? Can Prince William and Kate Middleton out-give Hollywood's King and Queen -- Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie -- or hip-hip royalty Beyonce and Jay-Z?? Will David and Victoria Beckham score big in the game of good? Check out below to find out!
The Scoring
++Ambassadors of Awesome: 10 points for each Ambassadorship.
++Art with Heart: 5 points for a song/album, movie or entire clothing line, 2 points for stuff like t-shirts.

++Auction Action: 2 points for each item auctioned.
++Compassionate Campaigns: 2 points for appearing in a PSA, ad, etc.
++Fierce Fundraisers: 5 points for under a million, 10 points for over a million, 20 points for stupid crazy money. (FYI, “donation” is defined as money from their own pockets, records, etc. and “fundraise” is when they help encourage others to give.)
++Do-Good Awards: 10 points per award. 5 per nomination.
++Foundation Creation: 10 points for each org founded.
++First-Class for a Cause: 10 points for each country visited on a goodwill/awareness mission.
++Give-back Galas: 2 points for attending charity events TOGETHER.
++Hometown Hero: 5 points for taking care of their roots.
++Pay-It-Forward Performances: 5 points for taking the stage for charity or hosting the event.
++Congressional Shout-Out: 7 points for speaking up on Capitol Hill.

10. K. Stew & R. Patz: They don’t suck.

++Foundation Creation: Playing a runaway prostitute in “Welcome to the Rileys” impacted Kristen Stewart so much that she wants to start her own charity for sex workers. +5
++Fierce Fundraisers: The brunette bombshell donated her autographed black Keds (who needs shoes when you’re immortal?) to raise funds for the victims of sex trafficking. +5
++Auction Action: The dashingly disheveled Brit donated a private screening of Breaking Dawn Part I to raise dough for teen girls’ education in Cambodia. +2
++Compassionate Campaigns: Robert Pattinson joined up with other celebs to promote Cancer Bites -- a blood cancer awareness effort -- at the 2011 Teen Choice Awards. +2

9. Gwen & Gavin: Rockin’ out for relief.

++Donation Station: The No Doubt lead singer and solo artist showed some serious harajuku heart by donating $1 million to Save the Children's Japan Earthquake-Tsunami Children in Emergency Fund. +10
++Fierce Fundraisers: Gwen also hosted a private charity tea party in L.A. to benefit the above-mentioned Japanese children’s charity. +5
++Auction Action:  The pop punk princess participated in the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice & Human Rights annual Spring Auction fundraiser. +2
++ Give-back Galas: G-Squared attended the amfAR Gala benefitting AIDS research in Cannes, France. Oh la la! +2
++Pay-It-Forward Performances: The Bush frontman needed his guitar to play a benefit concert for a San Diego children’s hospital and a racket for the K-Swiss Desert Smash charity tennis tourney. +10
++Ambassador of Awesome: One of rock’s hottest hubbies was named to the VH1 Saves the Music 2012 Ambassador Class. +10

8. JT & Jessica – They’re bringing giving back.

++Foundation Creation: The Justin Timberlake Foundation funds music education and more. +10
++Fierce Fundraisers: The former boy band babe hosts the annual Shriners Hospital For Children Open -- a weeklong extravaganza of golf tourneys, live music and more -- that raises millions to help sick kids. +10
++Auction Action: JT offered up 2 VIP concert tickets to provide arts access to at-risk youth. +2
++Pay-It-Forward Performances: The ex-N’sync singer puts on the Justin Timberlake & Friends Benefit Concert in Vegas and his gorgeous gf just hosted the Charity:Water Ball. +10
++Pro-Social Media: JT tweeted his patriotic date to the Marine Corps Ball. +2
++Do-Good Awards: The bangin’ Miss Biel supported the TeenNick HALO Awards while her on-and-off beau received Nick’s Big Help Award at the 2011 Kids’ Choice Awards. +10
++Compassionate Campaigns: The curly-haired crooner turned up in Ashton Kutcher’s controversial “Real Men Don’t Buy Girls” videos that comically condemned sex trafficking. +2

7. Posh & Becks – GOOOOOOOAL for good.

++Foundation Creation: The Brit power couple created the Victoria and David Beckham Charitable Trust to support sick and disabled children. +10
++Donation Station: Soccer ‘n Spice gave away the butt-ton of baby gifts they received when Harper Seven – their fourth child – was born. +5
++First-Class for a Cause: The boy with the golden boot (that’s British for cleat) stopped by the Philippines to highlight the plight of street children. +10
++Do-Good Awards: Okay, David didn’t win one, but he did team up with one high school honoree from the TeenNick HALO Awards to show how soccer can help at-risk youth in Africa. Becks did, however, win the 2011 Do Something Athlete! +10
++Auction Action: You can’t bend it like Beckham, but you can wear it like him if you bid on the jersey he donated to the Sir (that’s British for important) Bobby Robson Foundation. +2
++Ambassador of Awesome: The Galaxy champ has been the UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador for their Sports for Development program since 2005. +10
++Compassionate Campaigns: The football phenom (that’s British for really good soccer player) wrote an oped on Father’s Day to raise awareness for Malaria No More. +2

6. Katy Perry & Russell Brand: Outrageously good.

++Fierce Fundraisers: Instead of cupcakes for her bday (we know what happens when she gets near those), Katy Perry asked fans to celebrate by donating to ASPCA. Meanwhile “Russell’s Charitable Life” on Crowdrise is where the insane Englishman has raised almost $10,000 for the David Lynch Foundation.  +5
++Donation Station: Klassy Katy donated over $175,000 from special ticket sales for her massive Californian Dreams tour to 50 different nonprofits, including more than $40,000 each to The Humane Society, Children’s Health Fund and Generosity Water, and her hilarious hubby gave an undisclosed but “generous” amount to the Hillsborough Family Support Group. +5
++Pro-Social Media: The “I Kissed A Girl” singer twit-lauded marriage equality while her man called BS on Bloomberg’s #OWS shutdown. +4
++Auction Action: Pretty in pink Perry has auctioned off VIP tickets to help stomp out bullying, a special edition Barbie doll to feed struggling survivors of HIV/AIDS, and a cupcake trampoline stage prop (obvi) to support Japan’s earthquake victims. +6
++Art with Heart: The chart-topping pop princess was featured on the Songs for Japan album that raised $10 million in aid. +2
++Do-Good Awards: Randy Russell was named “Man of the Year” by Friendly House LA, a drug addiction treatment center, and “Sexiest Vegetarian” along with Kristen Wiig by PETA while his whimsical wife saw her “Fireworks” nominated for the first-ever VMA for “Best Video with a Message.” +25
++Compassionate Campaigns: Perry popped up in a Unite for Japan PSA. +2
++Ambassadors of Awesome: The 2012 VH1 Save The Music’s Ambassador Class has been announced and Katy made the cut! +10
5. Bey & Jay – 99 problems, but they ain’t one.

++Foundation Creation: Jay-Z’s got the Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation plus the Two Kings Foundation launched with Lebron; Beyonce started the Survivor Foundation for Katrina victims with fellow/former Destiny’s Child Kelly Rowland. +30
++Donation Station: Hova’s 40/40 club donates to the local community in NYC and London. +5
++Hometown Hero: The concrete jungle that made Jay is close to his heart – which is why he’s working to raise millions of dollars to send at-risk New York kids to college with the proceeds from his recently announced Carnegie Hall hip-hop throwdowns, slated for Feb. 6 and 7. +5
++Auction Action: The pimped out Maybach in the “Otis” video from Jay and ‘Ye’s sick Watch The Throne album was on the block to benefit starving families in East Africa. +2
++Art with Heart: Queen B released a special workout video for the fierce First Lady’s Let’s Move Campaign and her “Run the World (Girls)” single once again proved that she believes independent ladies rule the world. King Carter is making waves with his controversial “Occupy (W)all Street” t-shirt+12
++ Give-back Galas: Mr. and Mrs. Hova were totes adorbs at his charity carnival that raised $1M for the Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation. +10 (double points since it was his gala!)

4. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner: A better Bennifer.

++Foundation Creation: After visiting the war-ravaged region no less than FIVE times, Ben Affleck created the Eastern Congo Initiative, the first American advocacy and grant-making group completely devoted to this area. The Good Will Hunting star did his homework this time! +10
++Fierce Fundraisers: Director, actor, writer, daddy -- he’s one multi-talented hunk. Jen’s man is also a board member of Children Mending Hearts and a charitable poker player. +5
++Auction Action: For the 2011 Grads and Dads Auction on Charitybuzz, Papa Affleck offered up a set visit to his new film ARGO. +2
++Pay-It-Forward Performances:  The former Alias star fought breast cancer by hosting this year’s annual Pink Party. +2
++Do-Good Awards: Ben’s hot mama was honored at a March of Dimes “Celebration of Babies” charity luncheon as a member of their Celebrity “Stork Club” Volunteers. +10
++First-Class for a Cause: The dashing Daredevil and Cindy McCain (bi-partisan, y’all!) traveled back to the Congo -- and wrote an oped about it in HuffPo – to raise awareness for the tragic region. +10
++Congressional Shout-Out: Mr. and Mrs. Affleck went to Washington – he to urge Capitol Hill to assign a special envoy to post-war Congo and she to promote children’s education. Politics just got way hotter. +14
++Compassionate Campaigns: That beautifully dimpled chin of his showed up in a Unite for Japan PSA after the devastating tsunami. +2
++Ambassador of Awesome: The gorgeous Garner serves as Save the Children’s Artist Ambassador. +10

3. Prince William & Kate Middleton – Royal newlyweds share their love.

++Foundation Creation: The wedding watched ‘round the world had its own charity. +10
++Fierce Fundraisers: The royal couple has raised insane cash for charities like UNICEF since Wills put a ring on it at Westminster. +20
++Donation Station: The Duke and Duchess regifted their matrimonial Land Rover to a mountain rescue team. +2
++First-Class for a Cause: This international duo has a jetset agenda that’s royally jam-packed -- Denmark for UNICEF, Canada for street youths, USA for a charity polo match, and more. +40
++Give-back Galas: It’s, like, their job to attend these things. The Ark Gala Dinner. The BAFTA Bash in LA.   The opening of a children’s hospital. There’s gotta be more but we’re tired of googling. +15
2. Biebz & Gomez – These teen heartthrobs make us beliebe.

++Foundation Creation: They don’t have their own orgs yet (he can’t even vote yet, y’all) but JB is a loyal supporter of Pencils for Promise, Make-A-Wish, the GRAMMY Foundation and others while Senorita Selena is tight with UNICEF. +5
++Donation Station: Biebz is donating a chunk of the proceeds from Under the Mistletoe plus he’s launched the Believe Charity Drive while his girl Gomez urged fans to donate to Haiti this year. +10
++Hometown Hero: The half-pint hunk gave $10,000 to a food bank -- where he once lined up with his moms for a meal -- in his Canadian hometown. +5
++First-Class for a Cause: Selena headed waaaay south to support UNICEF programs in Chile. +10
++Auction Action: The Hair Who Cares auctioned off purple hot wheels and his pet boa (what else is in this kid’s closet?!) for charity and his Disney diva put 4 VIP concert tickets and a meet-and-greet up for grabs to benefit BAMA Rising, an Alabama tornado relief effort. +4
++Do-Good Awards: Justin received the first-ever MTV Voices Award at this year’s EMAs. (Guess which starlet was appropriately hosting?) and was also named the 2011 Do Something Music Artist. +20
++Art with Heart: JB was the reason for the season with a TV special that's raising $$$ for his Believe Charity drive. +10
++Ambassador of Awesome: The Wizard of Waverly Place is also the youngest UNICEF Ambassador ever. MAGIC! +10
++ Give-back Galas: The musical match hit up the Fulfillment Fund gala together. +2
++Pay-It-Forward Performances: The Biebster crooned for college education, caroled for the Commander in Chief and continues his holiday hijinks at Stevie Wonder’s annual charity Christmas concert in LA. Not to be outdone, the Selenster headlined the annual Concert for Hope at the Staples Center. +8
++Pro-Social Media: The teen dream team went feed-to-feed in an Act-Off and pop up regularly in our Sweet Tweets series – plus Justin drew his line against digital abuse with a special FB campaign. +8
++Compassionate Campaigns: The pop princess lent her faucet to the “Celebrity Tap” campaign and her voice to “Stop Bullying: Speak Up” while her boy toy filmed a PSA against texting and driving. +6

1. Brangelina: Mr. and Mrs. Smith really do save lives.

++Foundation Creation: Hollywood’s fastest growing clan gets extra props for starting an organization together – the Jolie-Pitt Foundation -- AND with their famously faux-hawked Cambodian kid – the Maddox-Jolie-Pitt Foundaton. Plus, Brad created the Make It Right Foundation to help sustainably re-build post-Katrina NOLA. Daaang, they founded up a fury!   +30
++Donation Station: In 2011 alone, these dedicated domestic partners gave $340,000 to Somali Aid Group and $2 million to a wildlife preserve in Namibia, the birthplace of their daughter Shiloh. +10
++Hometown Hero: Papa Pitt hails from the Midwest, so he and Lady Ang donated $500,000 to Joplin, Missouri when the entire town was devastated by a tornado. +5
++First-Class for a Cause: The real-life Lara Croft went on field missions to meet refugees in Afghanistan, Tunisia, Turkey, Italy and Malta. BAD ASS. +50
++Auction Action: The Moneyball star offered a private, guided tour on eBay Celebrity for one of the New Orleans homes built by his Make It Right to raise money for the foundation. +2
++Do-Good Awards: Angelina was honored this year for her decade of passionate service as the United Nations High Commission on Refugees (UNCHR) Goodwill Ambassador. +10
++Art with Heart: Miss Jolie stepped behind the camera to write and direct an intense film about the brutal Bosnian War in the 90s, In The Land of Blood & Honey, that debuted this year. +5
++Ambassador of Awesome: It’s all about Ang – she’s been the UNCHR Goodwill Ambassador for 10 years, in case y'all weren't paying attention earlier. +10
TOTAL: 122


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