Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Woman Found Dead & Hidden Under Christmas Presents

Patty Michelle White(AP Photo/York County Sheriff's Office,HO)
Another unfortunate Christmas story that you just hate to read about.
Patty Michelle White of South Carolina is facing murder charges after her friend Michelle O’Dowd of Jacksonville was found dead and hidden under her Christmas tree after an apparent scuffle took place inside her household.
 Woman Found Dead & Hidden Under Christmas PresentsChristmas Preparations Around The… White, a native of York, South Carolina, will be extradited to Florida to face murder charges after her friend was found murdered.
The body of Michelle O’Dowd was discovered by her twin brother Phil Axt, who felt that something was suspicious after O’Dowd failed to show up for work that day.
Axt reported that the door was left open and the house was in shambles, with furniture strewn every which way.
Phil went into the living room and saw a foot sticking out from under the Christmas tree underneath some presents.
“I knew this wasn’t going to pretty,” he said. He then pulled away some gifts from the pile and found his sister lying there bloody and beaten with no signs of life.
White was an ex-girlfriend of the victim’s nephew and was considered a family friend. Police say that White was staying in South Carolina with relatives when she returned to Florida to rob O’Dowd.
“Whatever took place in that apartment went horribly wrong and she ended up beating and killing her,” said Jacksonville authorities. White then fled the scene and was pulled over by police on her way home to South Carolina, where she confessed the entire thing. She was arrested on Saturday.
Phil Axt maintains that his sister was always very helpful and supportive of White, giving her odd jobs on the side to help make ends meet even though “she just couldn’t keep a job, couldn’t get her life together.”
O’Dowd will be remembered by her family as “the most sweetest, kindest person who would never hurt a fly,” according to Axt.
Stories like this one really make you cringe.


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