Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Jennifer Garner is hugely preggo with a bunny-eared phone: adorable?

I feel like I’ve been saying “any minute now” about Jennifer Garner’s impending birth for months. But seriously, she’s probably going to give birth any minute now, right? Look at how big she is! Of course, she’s been looking super-preggo for a few months now. Still, I’ll just call it now – I think Jennifer will give birth in the next… two weeks? Yep. That’s my guess.
Anyway, these are new photos of Garner minus her dimply girls. Jennifer was just out running errands yesterday, and apparently she just bought a new car – a red Range Rover, which you can see here, at The Mail. The Mail seems to take the new car purchase as evidence that Jennifer is definitely having a boy, which… seems weird. I think she’s having a boy this time too, but not because of a car purchase.
Also – Fame Pictures notes that Jennifer has a bunny-eared case for her iPhone. I bet her girls picked it out, don’t you? It’s very cute.


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