Thursday, January 19, 2012

Jennifer Lopez Got Casper Smart Job on American Idol

Jennifer Lopez is using her Hollywood stardom to find work for her “boy toy” Casper Smart, according to In Touch.
The mag says the “American Idol” judge “petitioned the show’s producers to find a job for her young lover,” and quotes a so-called “insider” as saying, “Casper has some title, but no one knows what he’s supposed to be doing.”
Nor is her alleged favor for the 24-year-old backup dancer rooted in goodwill, states the tabloid.
In Touch claims that since splitting from the “ultra-controlling” Marc Anthony, Lopez is “eager to get back in the driver’s seat herself,” which means ”keeping Casper at arm’s reach while she works.”


Anonymous said...

Yes, JLo has lost her mind if she thinks this is the correct way to be behaving. Doesn't she know people are laughing? I don't think she has ever gotten over being dumped by Ben Afflect. The kid is unattractive with his hideous tattoes and blotchy skin. He did look better last night dancing with her on American Idol. I heard her say, "Isn't he cute." She's acting like he's her first love. Eck! Fransez in Hollywood.

Anonymous said...

just because she a star that's doesnt mean she cant marry someone unknown. give her a break.

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